“I admire this man of God for writing this book to encourage others experiencing the effects of father-absence to take the pathways of healing and forgiveness. It is on these paths that we discover the liberty and wholeness we were destined to live. I want you to read Fathers, Where Are You and realize the abundance that awaits the family that partakes of the fruits of healing, forgiveness and restoration.”

Forwarded by Dr. Jeffery Chapman Sr.

One night he pounded Ma’s head against the hardwood floor over and over and over. She screamed for him to “Stop! Please stop!” but he wouldn’t. He tightened his squatting position on her thighs to give himself better leverage and control as he continued his rhythmic beating of her head. He kept his beat in time against the floor until her screams subsided to quiet sobs. Heaven only knows what really made him stop. Breathing hard, he got up and stood over her as if to dare her to move. Ma took her cue and remained still, as she looked up at her defenseless daughter, my sister, tremble in fear at all her little eyes and ears had just taken in. That night was one of the last times my biological father was in our home.

Who in the world would want to love and forgive a man who gave his mother the beat down of her life, then leave her and his own kids to fight off poverty for the umpteenth time? His only son—author, entrepreneur and mentor to many at-risk youth, Daryl Wiggins. In his debut book about his transparent journey to healing, Daryl writes that he would give anything to be able to find this man and tell him face-to-face, “I forgive you.”

In his short, yet poignant Fathers, Where Are You? Daryl explains what happens to children who are abandoned by their fathers and why some fathers abandon their homes. Even in their adult years, the children of abandoned fathers suffer consequences that are unbearable.

Such was the case for him and his sister Towanda until they both decided there was only one thing that could bring them the healing they needed to stabilize their lives and relationships with others.

Daryl also does something that is very bold. When most people call for locking up abandoning fathers, Daryl makes a plea for them and their sons and daughters to reconnect. Learn why and how Daryl contends a reconnection can take place.

Daryl Wiggins was born and raised in rural Franklin County where he lived with his single mother and his sister Towanda. His biological father had left them when Daryl was barely a toddler.

Educated in the Franklin County School System and a graduate of Franklinton High School, he originally set out to become a baseball player, a sport that he was very good at and won the attention of his coaches. However the need to financially help his mother and sister became his priority before moving away from this small county.

Eventually Daryl moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he met and married his wife Denise, an author and entrepreneur in her own right. Together, the couple own several companies, one of which is a non-profit organization that focuses on single mothers. The organization is called Solo Mom and works to motivate and empower single mothers in their efforts to become the gifted, talented women they born to be.

Currently Daryl and Denise reside in North Carolina. They are the parents of five grown children and proud grandparents of four. To have a conversation with Daryl about his book, follow him on social media—Twitter, Instagram, Periscope. He can be found under the handle, servantwiggins3.

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“Amazing read. I read the book in one seating. Daryl opens his heart to share his personal experiences growing up without a father in his life. Anyone — and I mean anyone who will open up their “hearts” to receive the “truths” from this book will experience life-changing results that will set the captives free from hurt, low self esteem, guilt and unforgiveness. Anyone reading this book will experience an enlightening revelation of truths that will forever propel them forward for the best! I recommend this “one” book to any and all that have been bound by the desertion of a father in their lives to “open their hearts to receive love and freedom” from this bondage and weight. This “one” book is worth your short read and to getting critical answers to questions that maybe you thought would never be answered. This “one” book gives “hope” if you will open your hearts to receive truths.” Carol Basden

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Learn what happens to children who are abandoned by their fathers and why some fathers abandon their homes.


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